Kase 300MM Super Telephoto Lens

Kase 300MM Super Telephoto Lens

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If you like to take photos and videos with your smartphone, you know how hard it is when you have to do it from a distance. We have a solution for that problem. We offer you the Kase 300mm Super Telephoto Lens. It is a new and exciting item that will let you capture amazing pictures and footage of nature, sporting events, concerts, and travel. The quality and the efficiency of this product will make it your favorite piece of equipment and very useful addition to your photography gear.


The Kase 300mm Super Telephoto Lens is designed to let you capture the action even if you are away from what’s happening. You can take crisp photos and videos from distances of 8ft to 650ft (2.5m to 200m). This lens is suitable for any brand of modern smartphone. It has a manual focus, which allows you to make the needed adjustment for the quality picture or video and also gives you an SLR photography feel. For even more stability of your shot, you can use the remote control included in the package and even your favorite tripod.

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